Amine Guard FS Process by UOP LLC

Remove CO2 and H2S from natural gas; CO2 from ammonia syngas, etc., with a solution containing one of the UCARSOL family of formulated solvents offered by Dow. When desired, H2S can be removed selectively to provide a superior Claus plant feed and reduce regeneration requirements.

Product: Purified gas to meet pipeline, LNG plant, ammonia plant or petrochemical plant specifications as appropriate.

Amine Guard FS Process by UOP LLC

The treating solution scrubs acid gases from the feed in an absorber column (1). The rich solution is regenerated by reducing its pressure and stripping with steam in the stripper tower (2). Waste heat is commonly used to provide the steam. Regeneration energy is minimized by choosing the optimum UCARSOL solvent for the situation, using high solvent concentrations and proper selection of process parameters.

Operating conditions: Absorption pressure is atmosphere to 1,800 psi, as available. Feed temperature is 85°F to 150°F. Acid gas content may be 5–35%.

Licensor: UOP LLC

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