Locally Mounted Pressure Gages

Pressure gages should be installed on the following process equipment and piping locations to monitor operation and performance:
• Discharges of pumps and compressors
• Vessels and the bottom vapor space of columns
• Near the process connection for nonindicating pressure transmitting instruments
• Furnace fuel oil, fuel gas and atomizing steam branch headers
• Furnace draft. A single draft gage should be manifolded to the inlet of the convection section and to a position below the stack damper on each furnace

Pressure test points consisting of a process connection with a plugged valve are located in process equipment and piping, as follows:
• Near the inlet and outlet of all packed vessels and columns
• At all indicating pressure transmitter instruments
• Inlets and outlets (both shell and tube side) of each heat exchanger and reboiler
• Inlet and outlet of each air cooler