Alpha Olefins Linear Process by Axens

To produce high-purity alpha olefins (C4–C10) suitable as copolymers for LLDPE production and as precursors for plasticizer alcohols and polyalphaolefins using the AlphaSelect process.

Alpha Olefins Linear Process

Polymer-grade ethylene is oligomerized in a liquid-phase reactor (1) with a liquid homogeneous catalyst designed for high activity and selectivity. Liquid effluent and spent catalyst are then separated (2); the liquid is distilled (3) for recycling unreacted ethylene to the reactor, then fractionated (4) in order to produce high-purity alpha olefins. Spent catalyst is treated to remove volatile hydrocarbons before safe disposal.

The table below illustrates the superior purities attainable (wt%) with the Alpha-Select process:
n-Butene-1 >99
n-Hexene-1 >98
n-Octene-1 >96
n-Decene-1 >92

The process is simple; it operates at mild operating temperatures and pressures and only carbon steel equipment is required. The catalyst is nontoxic and easily handled.

Licensor: Axens

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