Ethers MTBE Process by Uhde GmbH

The Uhde (Edeleanu) MTBE process combines methanol and isobutene to produce the high-octane oxygenate—methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).

Ethers ETBE Process by Uhde GmbH

Feeds: C4-cuts from steam cracker and FCC units with isobutene contents range from 12% to 30%.

Products: MTBE and other tertiary alkyl ethers are primarily used in gasoline blending as an octane enhancer to improve hydrocarbon combustion efficiency.

The technology features a two-stage reactor system of which the first reactor is operated in the recycle mode. With this method, a slight expansion of the catalyst bed is achieved which ensures very uniform concentration profiles within the reactor and, most important, avoids hot spot formation. Undesired side reactions, such as the formation of dimethyl ether (DME), are minimized.

The reactor inlet temperature ranges from 45°C at start-of-run to about 60°C at end-of-run conditions. One important factor of the two stage system is that the catalyst may be replaced in each reactor separately, without shutting down the MTBE unit.

The catalyst used in this process is a cation-exchange resin and is available from several catalyst manufacturers. Isobutene conversions of 97% are typical for FCC feedstocks. Higher conversions are attainable when processing steam-cracker C4 cuts that contain isobutene concentrations of 25%.

MTBE is recovered as the bottoms product of the distillation unit. The methanol-rich C4 distillate is sent to the methanol-recovery section. Water is used to extract excess methanol and recycle it back to process. The isobutene-depleted C4 stream may be sent to a raffinate stripper or to a molsieve-based unit to remove other oxygenates such as DME, MTBE, methanol and tert-butanol.

Very high isobutene conversion, in excess of 99%, can be achieved through a debutanizer column with structured packings containing additional catalyst. This reactive distillation technique is particularly suited when the raffinate-stream from the MTBE unit will be used to produce a high-purity butene-1 product.

For a C4 cut containing 22% isobutene, the isobutene conversion may exceed 98% at a selectivity for MTBE of 99.5%.

Licensor: Uhde GmbH

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