Hydrofinishing Process by Chevron Lummus Global

Application: Deeply saturate single- and multiple-ring aromatics in baseoil feedstocks. The product will have very low-aromatics content, very high-oxidation stability and high thermal stability.

Description: ISOFINISHING catalysts hydrogenate aromatics at relatively low reaction temperatures. They are especially effective in complete polyaromatics saturation—a reaction that is normally equilibrium limited. Typical feedstocks are the effluent from a dewaxing reactor, effluent from hydrated feeds or solvent-dewaxed feedstocks. The products are highly stabilized base-oil, technical-grade white oil or food-grade white oil.

As shown in the simplified flow diagram, feedstocks are mixed with recycle hydrogen and fresh makeup hydrogen, heated and charged to a reactor containing ISOFINISHING Catalyst (1). Effluent from the finishing reactor is flashed in high-pressure and low-pressure separators (2, 3). A very small amount of light products are recovered in a fractionation system (4).

Yields: For a typical feedstock, such as dewaxing reactor effluent, the yield can be >99%. The chemical-hydrogen consumption is usually very low, less than ~10 Nm3/m3 oil.

Licensor: Chevron Lummus Global LLC.