Treating Ultra Deep Ulgasoline Desulfurization Process by Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services

Application: EXOMER extracts recombinant mercaptan sulfur from selectively hydrotreated FCC gasoline streams with a proprietary treating solution. FIBER-FILM Contactor technology is used for mass transfer efficiency to obtain a maximum reduction in total sulfur content. EXOMER is jointly developed with ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co.

Description: In an EXOMER system, the lean treating solution phase flows along the fibers of the FIBER-FILM Contactor along with the hydrocarbon phase, allowing the recombinant mercaptans to be extracted into the treating solution in a non-dispersive manner. The two phases disengage in the separator vessel with the treated hydrocarbon flowing to storage.

The separated rich treating solution phase is sent to the regeneration unit where sulfur-bearing components are removed. The removed sulfur is sent to another refinery unit for further processing. The regenerated lean treating solution is returned to the EXOMER extraction step for further use.

Economics: EXOMER allows refiners to meet stricter sulfur specifications while preserving octane by allowing the hydrotreater severity to be reduced. The capital expenditure for a grass roots EXOMER is 35 – 50% of the cost of incremental hydrotreating capacity. Operating costs per barrel are about 60 –70% less than hydrotreating.

Licensor: Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC, Process Technology Division.