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Figure 2-14 shows the configuration of the typical three-stage reciprocating compressor in our example flowsheet. Gas from the FWKO enters the first-stage suction scrubber. Any liquids that may have come through the line are separated at this point and the … Continue reading

21. August 2009 by Jack
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Separator Operating Pressure

The choice of separator operating pressures in a multistage system is large. For large facilities many options should be investigated before a final choice is made. For facilities handling less than 50,000 bpd, there are practical constraints that help limit … Continue reading

20. August 2009 by Jack
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Production Facility Part 2

The oil and emulsion from the separators must be treated to remove water. Most oil contracts specify a maximum percent of basic sediment and water (BS and W) that can be in the crude. This will typically vary from 0.5% … Continue reading

19. August 2009 by Jack
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