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Plate Coalescers

Plate coalescers are skim tanks or vessels that use internal plates to improve the gravity separation process. Various configurations of plate coalescers have been devised. These are commonly called parallel plate interceptors (PPI), corrugated plate interceptors (CPI), or cross-flow separators. … Continue reading

04. September 2009 by Jack
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Water Treating Gravity Separation

Most commonly used water treating equipment items rely on the forces of gravity to separate the oil droplets from the water continuous phase. The oil droplets, being lighter than the volume of water they displace, have a buoyant force exerted … Continue reading

02. September 2009 by Jack
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Gravity Separation

Most oil-treating equipment relies on gravity to separate water droplets from the oil continuous phase, because water droplets are heavier than the volume of oil they displace. However, gravity is resisted by a drag force caused by the droplets’ downward … Continue reading

31. August 2009 by Jack
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