Advanced Amines Process by Prosernat–IFP

Advanced Amines is a complete portfolio of amine (DEA, MDEA and activated MDEA) based processes to sweeten natural gases. The Advanced Amines processes cover all types of acid gas removal applications, for any feed gas composition and product specifications as low as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) <1 ppm and carbon dioxide (CO2) <50 ppm. Advanced Amines Process by Prosernat–IFP

The Advanced Amines portfolio is based on TOTAL’s extensive industrial and operational experience which developed these technologies (initially SNEA-(P), ELF Group). It includes the following processes:

• High load DEA: based on using high concentration (4 mol DEA/l) and high loading (mol acid gas/mol DEA) DEA, for high performance complete deacidification.
• Selective MDEA: based on using pure MDEA aqueous solution for selective H2S removal or H2S enrichment applications.
• Activated MDEA: for all complete deacidification and bulk CO2 removal applications, with a range of patented activators. Activated MDEA offers specific advantages like partial/total flash regeneration of the solvent for CO2 removal applications.

For all these processes various flow schemes are available, from the conventional absorber/thermal regenerator process up to more sophisticated flow schemes. For instance, the Double Split Flow scheme, shown in the figure, maximizes acid gas removal and minimizes energy requirements. It uses a flow of semi-lean amine, withdrawn from the thermal regenerator’s (3) intermediate level and sent back at the absorber’s (1) intermediate level. Energy requirements can also be minimized by using activated MDEA, with flash regeneration of the solvent. With high load DEA, a proprietary absorber design is also available which allows high COS hydrolysis levels (up to 95% COS removal).

Licensor: Prosernat–IFP Group Technologies

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