CRYOMAX MRE (multiple reflux ethane recovery) Process by Technip

Application: A cryogenic process for gas fractionation to recover C2+ hydrocarbons from natural gas. With this process, more than 95% of the ethane can be extracted from natural gas. High efficiencies are obtained through a multiple reflux concept associated with a turbo-expander. Multi-stream plate-fin heat exchangers increase efficient heat integration of the process.

CRYOMAX MRE (multiple reflux ethane recovery) Process by Technip

Description: The high-pressure, dry feed gas at 25°C, 70 bars is cooled to –40°C in E1 and enters V1 where the liquid and gas are separated. The cold high-pressure gas is divided in two streams—the main cut (85%) is sent to the expander and to the demethanizer C1 that operates at 30 bars. The small segment (15%) is liquefied and sent as second reflux to C1.

The liquid pressure is reduced to 50 bars, and the liquid is partially vaporized in E1. Liquid and vapor are separated in V2. The vapor is liquefied in E2, used as third reflux and liquid is sent to C1.

The demethanizer overhead is reheated and compressed to sales gas pipeline specifications. A portion of the stream (10%) is recycled, cooled, liquefied and sent as first reflux. Approximately 99% ethane recovery can be reached when CO2 content of feed gas is low.

Economics: Ethane production cost is 20% less than for a conventional process.

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