Gas Contaminants Removal Multibed Process by Axens

Remove mercury (Hg), arsenic, water, CO2, other oxygenates, tertiary butyl catechol (TBC), NH3 and sulfur species from natural gas, industrial gases and petrochemical streams using Axens Multibed technology.

Gas Contaminants Removal Multibed Process by Axens

This technology uses combinations of special aluminas and zeolite molecular sieve adsorbents that are installed as beds in the same or separate vessels. (The configuration will depend on the specific application.) The aluminas function as catalysts or adsorbents for chemical or physical removal of contaminants such as HCl, Hg, AsH3, TBC and water. The molecular sieves remove contaminants by physical adsorption.

In multibed processing, Hg can be removed either upstream or downstream of the gas dehydration step. The treated gas can contain less than 0.01?g/Nm3 Hg and less than 1 ppmv of other contaminants. Most adsorbents are thermally regenerated with nitrogen or light-hydrocarbon streams.

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