LRS 10 – CO2 removal Process by Advantica

Remove CO2 from natural gas, SNG or ammonia syngas. The purification process is applicable in facilities for LNG plants and petrochemical applications.

LRS 10 - CO2 removal Process by Advantica

Rich-CO2 feed gas is passed to the absorber column containing potassium carbonate solutions and LRS10 additives. The used solution goes through the regeneration system and purified gas exits the top of the absorber. The rich solution is regenerated either in a re-boiler facility or directly with steam. The recovered potassium carbonate/LRS10 solution is pumped back to the absorber for further reaction. Feed gas containing about 20% CO2 has been treated successfully, typically to CO2 levels of 1% in the processed gas, depending on process arrangement. Process configuration changes can lower CO2 slippage levels from 500 ppm to 1,000 ppm in some designs.

Economics. A plant utilizing typically 3% LRS10 in a potassium carbonate system has been shown to offer improved performance over CO2-removal systems such as Benfield (DEA promoted potassium carbonate) by up to 10%. OPEX savings are realized through:

• Increasing gas throughput of typically 10%
• Lower regeneration energy by about 10%
• Reduce CO2 slippage in the outlet gas by up to 50%
• Improve column operations by moving away from column constraints.

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