SulfaClean-HC Process by SulfaTreat

SulfaClean–HC is a granular material that is used to remove aggressive sulfur compounds, primarily hydrogen sulfide (H2S), in a variety of clear liquid streams. Propane/propylene, butane, LNG, NGL, gasoline and other light liquid hydrocarbon streams treatment reduces corrosion to pass copper strip testing and meet H2S limits. Dry or water-saturated liquid hydrocarbon can be treated, as well as water or brines for removal of dissolved H2S prior to disposal.

SulfaClean HC Process by  SulfaTreat

Description: Liquids flow upward through the SulfaClean–HC media. Flow rates and system designs depend on fluid type and contaminants quantity. Systems range from single vessels or multiple parallel flow to lead/lag style applications. A properly designed system can adapt to variable flow rates without loss in treating efficiencies.

Economics: The SulfaClean–HC media removes up to 7.5 wt% H2S. Its costs are often one-fourth the cost of zinc oxide products. It is competitive with caustic systems when accounting for regulatory, personal safety and disposal issues. The vessels are simple and inexpensive. Converted mole sieve, zinc oxide or iron sponge units can usually be used without modification.

Licensor: SulfaTreat, a Business Unit of M-I L.L.C.

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