Super Hy-Pro Process by Randall Gas Technologies

The Super Hy-Pro process is a further development of its predecessor—the Hy-Pro process and is designed for the high recovery of liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas, mainly LPG.

Super Hy-Pro Process by Randall Gas Technologies

The inlet gas is treated and conditioned for processing at low temperatures. After this initial step, the gas is cooled to a point to partially condense certain hydrocarbons. Gas and liquids are separated in a cold separator. The gas is routed to the turboexpander where it is expanded into a proprietary-designed cold-absorption column of the liquids-recovery section. The liquids produced in the absorption section are routed to a recovery column. The liquids-recovery column is the main process focus, where the natural gas liquids are recovered and separated. The overhead section of the column is thermally integrated with the rest of the process, following a similar arrangement as is used in the Hy-Pro process.

Depending on the gas richness, a refrigeration system may be required to aid product recovery. Product recoveries for propane exceed 95%.

Typical energy consumption, depending on the characteristics of the feed gas, is about 45–65 Hp/million scfd, not considering utilities and treating.

Operating conditions: Ample range of pressures, temperatures and compositions.

Licensors: Randall Gas Technologies, ABB Lummus Global Inc.

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