Thiopaq DeSOx Process by UOP LLC

Application: The Thiopaq DeSOx biological process selectively removes and converts SOx in the flue gases to elemental sulfur or H2S.

Product: The sulfur produced is hydrophilic; thus, it prevents equipment from fouling or blocking. Moreover, this characteristic makes the product sulfur suitable for agricultural use as fertilizer or as an insecticide. Alternatively, the sulfur can be melted to a high-purity product and meet international Claus sulfur specifications. Alternatively, H2S can be produced and the gas can be sent to the sulfur treatment unit (amine/Claus).

Thiopaq DeSOx Process by UOP LLC

The Thiopaq DeSOx is a commercial, two-step biological process. It can convert sulfite and sulfate to elemental sulfur or H2S. A sodium biphosphate solution quenches and removes particulates and absorbs SOx from the flue gas. The scrubbing liquid is regenerated and recycled to the scrubber.

The heart of the Thiopaq process is the proprietary anaerobic and aerobic bioreactors. In these air-lift-loop reactors, the absorbed sulfite is reduced to sulfide (HS–) inside the anaerobic reactor in the presence of microorganism with hydrogen and could be removed as H2S alternatively. The sulfide is oxidized under controlled conditions to elemental sulfur via the microorganisms. The produced elemental sulfur has a hydrophilic nature and is separated from the aqueous effluent in a proprietary three-phase separator.

Operating conditions: The scrubber operates close to the atmospheric pressure and at saturation temperature of the scrubbing liquid. The anaerobic bioreactor can be operated at pressures of up to 6 bar and 35°C. The aerobic bioreactor operates at atmospheric pressure and 35°C.

Licensors: UOP LLC, Monsanto Environchem System Inc., and Paques B.V.

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