Aromatization Process

GTC Technology, in alliance with our technology partner, offers commercially proven aromatization technology for gasoline octane improvement or aromatics production. The technology uses a proprietary catalyst in fixed-bed reactors with periodic catalyst regeneration.

Aromatization Process

The feed, either paraffinic or olefinic C4–C8 fraction, is heated through heat exchangers and a furnace to the desired temperature. The vaporized feed is fed to the top of the aromatization reactor. There are two reactors in series are in operation, and the other two reactors are in regeneration or standby. The effluent from the bottom of the second reactor is fed to the aromatization feed/effluent heat exchanger. After the feed/effluent heat exchanger, the reactor effluent is further cooled by air coolers and trim coolers with cooling water and chilled water. This cold effluent is then sent to the aromatization effluent separator (low pressure) where the rich net gas stream is separated from the aromatic-rich liquid.

The rich net gas (offgas) is further compressed in downstream separation to recover the valuable aromatic-rich liquid. The final product streams after downstream separation include C2 – dry gas, LPG, and premium gasoline or benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) products. The regeneration is a typical coke-burning step.

Process advantages:
Aromatization technology for octane improvement
• Upgrade low-octane gasoline to premium gasoline
• Overall product utilization (gasoline + LPG) is greater than 93%
• The upgraded RON 90 gasoline has low sulfur and olefins and is excellent gasoline blending stock

Aromatization technology for aromatics production
• Convert C4–C8 olefins into aromatics
• No hydrogen needed
• Complete integration with steam cracker possible with dry gas for hydrogen recovery; LPG and paraffins recycled to steam cracking
• Simple distillation is typically used to meet the aromatics specifications for paraxylene manufacture
• Feedstocks can be from FCC, steam cracking and coking.

Licensor: GTC Technology

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