BTX Aromatics and LPG Process by Axens

Advanced Pygas Upgrading (APU) is a catalytic process technology developed by SK Corp. and is exclusively offered by Axens to convert pyrolysis (ex steam cracking) gasoline to a superior steam cracker feed (LPG), and benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) aromatics.

BTX Aromatics and LPG Process by Axens

Cuts originating from second-stage pygas hydrogenation units are used as feedstocks. The principal catalytic reactions are:
• Conversion of non-aromatics (especially C6 to C10 alkanes) into ethane and LPG.
• Conversion of C9+ aromatics into BTX, thereby increasing BTX yield.

The reaction section product delivers after standard distillation highpurity individual BTX cuts, and there is no need for further extraction.

Typical yields:

In some locations, ethane and LPG are the desired products; they provide valuable cracking furnace feedstocks. Typical olefin yields based on the original pygas feed are:
Typical APU olefins yields
Ethylene 12.5%
Propylene 3.2%

Licensor: Axens

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