BTX Aromatics Process by BP-UOP

To produce petrochemical-grade benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX) via the aromatization of propane and butanes using the BP-UOP Cyclar process.

BTX Aromatics Process by BP-UOP

The process consists of a reactor section, continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) section and product-recovery section. Stacked radial-flow reactors (1) facilitate catalyst transfer to and from the CCR catalyst regeneration section (2). A charge heater and interheaters (3) achieve optimum conversion and selectivity for the endothermic reaction. Reactor effluent is separated into liquid and vapor products (4). The liquid product is sent to a stripper column (5) to remove light saturates from the C6– aromatic product. Vapor from the separator is compressed and sent to a gas recovery unit (6). The compressed vapor is then separated into a 95% pure hydrogen coproduct, a fuel-gas stream containing light byproducts and a recycled stream of unconverted LPG.

Yields: Total aromatics yields as a wt% of fresh feed range from 61% for propane to 66% for mixed butanes feed. Hydrogen yield is approximately 7 wt% fresh feed. Typical product distribution is 27% benzene, 43% toluene, 22% C8 aromatics and 8% C9+ aromatics.

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