Isomerization Process by CDTECH

Convert iso-olefins to normal olefins.

Isomerization Process by CDTECH

C4 olefin skeletal isomerization (CDIsis) A zeolite-based catalyst especially developed for this process provides near equilibrium conversion of isobutylene to normal butenes at high selectivity and long process cycle times. A simple process scheme and moderate process conditions result in low capital and operating costs. Hydrocarbon feed containing isobutylene, such as C4 raffinate or FCC C4s, can be processed without steam or other diluents, nor the addition of catalyst activation agents to promote the reaction. Nearequilibrium conversion of the contained isobutylene per pass is achieved at greater than 85% selectivity to isobutylene. At the end of the process cycle, the catalyst bed is regenerated by oxidizing the coke with an air/nitrogen mixture. The butene isomerate is suitable for making various petrochemical such as propylene via Olefin Conversion Technology.

Licensor: CDTECH

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