Alkylation Process by UOP

The modified HF Alkylation technology is used with HF alkylation technology to reduce aerosol formation in the event of an HF release, while maintaining unit operability and product quality. The UOP Alkad Modified HF Alkylation process and the UOP ReVap Modified Alkylation process are both passive mitigation systems that will reduce aerosol from any leak that occurs while additive is in the system.

The additive stripper sends acid, water and light-acid soluble oils overhead and on to the acid regenerator. Heavy acid soluble oils and the concentrated HF-additive complex are sent to the additive stripper bottoms separator. From this separator the polymer is sent to neutralization, and the HF-additive complex is recycled to the reactor section. The acid regenerator removes water and light-acid soluble oils from the additive stripper overhead stream. The water is in the form of a constant boiling mixture (CBM) of water and HF.

There is no expected increase in the need for operator manpower. Maintenance requirements are similar to equipment currently in standard operation in an HF alkylation unit in similar service.

Licensor: UOP.

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