Deasphalting Process by Foster Wheeler USA

Prepare quality feed for FCC units and hydrocrackers from vacuum residue, and blending stocks for lube oil and asphalt manufacturing.

Feed and light paraffinic solvent are mixed and then charged to the extractor (1). The DAO and pitch phases, both containing solvents, exit the extractor. The DAO and solvent mixture is separated under supercritical conditions (2). Both the pitch and DAO products are stripped of entrained solvent (3,4). A second extraction stage is utililized if resins are to be produced.

Products: Deasphalted oil (DAO) for catalytic cracking and hydrocracking feedstocks, resins for specification asphalts, and pitch for specification asphalts and residue fuels.

Operating conditions: Typical ranges are:
Solvent various blends of C3– C7 hydrocarbons including
light naphthas
Pressure, psig 300 – 600
Temp., °F 120 – 450
Solvent to oil ratio: 4/1 to 13/1

Licensor: Foster Wheeler USA Corp./UOP.

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