Treating Gasoline and LPG Process by

Application: THIOLEX/REGEN systems extract H2S and mercaptans from gases and light liquid hydrocarbon streams, including gasolines, with caustic using FIBER-FILM Contactor technology. It can also be used to hydrolyze and remove COS from LPG and propane.

Description: In a THIOLEX system, the caustic phase flows along the fibers of the FIBER-FILM Contactor as it preferentially wets the fibers. Hydrocarbon flows through the caustic-wetted fibers where the H2S and mercaptans are extracted into the caustic phase. The two phases disengage and the caustic flows to the REGEN where the caustic is regenerated using heat, air and catalyst. The disulfide oil formed in this reaction may be removed via gravity separation, FIBER-FILM solvent washing or a combination of the two. The regenerated caustic flows back to the THIOLEX system for continued re-use.

COS is removed from LPG or propane by either employing AMINEX technology using an amine solution or THIOLEX technology using an MEA/caustic solution to hydrolyze the COS to H2S and CO2 which are easily removed by amine or caustic.

Competitive advantages: FIBER-FILM Contactor technology requires smaller processing vessels thus saving valuable plant space and reducing capital expenditures.

Licensor: Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC, Process Technology Division.