Fluor Oxygen Enrichment Process

Oxygen (O2) enrichment technology is one of the most economical routes for achieving incremental sulfur recovery unit/tail gas treating unit (SRU/TGTU) capacity.

Fluor Oxygen Enrichment Process

Description: Fluor offers two levels of O2 enrichment technologies—low and medium. The process can increase a sulfur plant’s capacity up to 175% of the original design capacity depending on the enrichment level and acid gas composition. Pure O2 is injected into combustion air or fed directly into the reaction furnace burner. Installing a new O2 line, supply system, compatible burner and management system is required depending on the enrichment level and the chosen technology.

The Fluor oxygen enrichment process provides a unique control and burner management scheme ensuring safe and smooth operation.

Licensor: Fluor Enterprises, Inc.

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