MegaSyn Process by Lurgi Oel-Gas-Chemie GmbH

Large-scale syngas production, essentially hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO), from natural gas or other gaseous hydrocarbons for methanol, ammonia, Fischer-Tropsch and other synthesis plants in one train.

MegaSyn Process by Lurgi Oel-Gas-Chemie GmbH

Description: The hydrocarbon feedstock is preheated and desulfurized. The gas is then saturated with water by a circulation loop fed by process condensate. Before routing the feedgas to the autothermal reformer (prereforming is optional), this gas is preheated by a fired heater. Superheated gas is then sent to the autothermal reformer. If required carbon dioxide (CO2) can be fed to the prereformed gas. In the autothermal reformer (ATR), the hydrocarbon feed is converted with oxygen to mainly CO and H2 over a nickel-containing catalyst bed. The heart of the ATR is the mixer-device, which facilitates the highly exothermic reaction between oxygen and hydrocarbon.

Due to high temperatures in the ATR flame zone, reforming reactions take place here. The gas equilibrium composition is established within the catalyst bed. The temperature at the ATR outlet is 900°C to 1,050°C. Thus, high methane conversions are achieved. The reformed gas is cooled down to generate high-pressure steam, preheat feedgas, boiler feed water and circulation water loop.

Licensor: Lurgi Oel-Gas-Chemie GmbH

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