Merox Process by UOP LLC

Extraction of mercaptans from gases, LPG, lower boiling fractions and gasolines, or sweetening of gasoline and heavier stocks by in situ conversion of mercaptans into disulfides.

Products: Essentially mercaptan sulfur-free, i.e., less than 5 ppmw, and concomitant reduced total sulfur content when treated by Merox extraction technique.

Merox Process by UOP LLC

Merox units are designed in several flow configurations, depending on feedstock type and processing objectives. All are characterized by low capital and operating costs, ease of operation and minimal operator attention.

Extraction: Gases, LPG and light naphtha are countercurrently extracted (1) with caustic containing Merox catalyst. Mercaptans in the rich caustic are oxidized (2) with air to disulfides that are decanted (3) before the regenerated caustic is recycled.

Sweetening: Minalk is now the most prevalent Merox gasoline and condensate sweetening scheme. Conversion of mercaptans into disulfides is accomplished with a fixed bed of Merox catalyst that uses air and a continuous injection of only minute amounts of alkali. Sweetened gasoline from the reactor typically contains less than one ppm sodium. A new additive, Merox Plus reagent, can be used to greatly extend catalyst life.

Heavy gasoline and condensate may be sweetened in a fixed-bed unit that closely resembles Minalk, except that a larger amount of more concentrated caustic is recirculated intermittently over the catalyst bed.

Licensor: UOP LLC

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