Selexsorb Process by Alcoa Inc

Purify ethylene feed stream to polyethylene production processes. Treated ethylene gas contains less than 0.2 ppmv CO2 and H2O and less than 1.0 ppmv oxygenates.

Selexsorb Process by Alcoa Inc

Upstream of Selexsorb towers, the feed ethylene stream is prepurified via acetylene converter (1), tower (2) of reduced copper catalyst and bed (3) of CuO. Water and oxygenates are removed by combination bed (4) of 3A molecular sieve (H2O adsorption) and Selexsorb CD selective adsorbent (oxygenate adsorption). Final treating step involves adsorption of CO2 with bed (5) of Selexsorb COS selective adsorbent. Selexsorbs are thermally regenerated with nitrogen or light hydrocarbon streams. The selective adsorbents will purify: comonomer, fresh diluent, recycle diluent and reaction controlling gas (hydrogen, nitrogen) to polyethylene processes. In ethylene treating service (CO2 adsorption), Selexsorb COS has proven its value in protecting Ziegler-Natta type catalysts in polyethylene plants worldwide.

Contributor: Alcoa Inc., Alcoa World Chemicals

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