Syngas-autothermal Reforming by Uhde GmbH

Carbon monoxide (CO)-rich synthesis gas production.

Feedstock: Natural gas, multiple feedstock and naphtha.

Product: Synthesis gas for the production of carbon monoxide, hydrogen (H2), ammonia, methanol, Fischer-
Tropsch synthetic fuel and oxo-chemicals.

Autothermal reforming can be used as an alternative to conventional steam reforming. Feedstock is preheated and subsequently desulfurized before entering the adiabatic reactor (ATR) combustion chamber. At the ATR top, the feed mixture is burned with oxygen in a partial oxidation chamber. The main feature of the ATR design is the unique arrangement of water cooled oxygen nozzles in the ATR dome. This method allows for complete mixing without any metal internals in the combustion zone, thus ensuring a long burner life.

After entering a nickel-based catalyst bed where the steam reforming reactions occurs, the reformed gas leaves the ATR at about 1,050°C. The gas passes the cooling train before entering the required purification section, e.g. carbon dioxide (CO2) removal, cryogenic separation, etc.

Licensor: Uhde GmbH, Dortmund, Germany

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