Facility Names and Plant Numbering Systems

Major facilities (both upstream and downstream) are generally named for their location. Small facilities such as small producing gas plants and small stand-alone asphalt plants are not further subdivided. Larger processing facilities are broken up into distinct plants. These plants are generally named for their function (crude unit, gas dehydration, boiler plant, effluent treating plant, etc.). They are usually also assigned a number. During construction and later, during maintenance, this provides a rough-cut way of segregating, by construction area, the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of items of delivered equipment. Local management should be consulted in determining plant numbers for a new project.

Operations approval should be obtained for numbering systems (plant, piping, equipment, and instruments) at the beginning of a new project. Once drawings and specifications are issued for quotation, the cost of changing numbering systems is surprisingly high. A confirming letter or memorandum emphasizing the importance of this decision is helpful.