Example Sizing a Vertical Treater


Oil gravity = 40°API, 0.875 S.G.
Oil flow rate = 2,000 bpd
Inlet oil temperature = 90°F
Water S.G. = 1.04
Inlet BS&W = 10%
Outlet BS&W =1%

1. Settling Equation. Investigate treating at 90°F, 100°F, 120°F.


2. Retention Time. Plot computations of d and h with retention times less than 20 minutes.

d2 h = (20) (2,000)70.12 = 333,333

The shaded area of Figure 6-14 represents combinations of d and h with tr less than 20 minutes.

3. Heat Required


4. Selection. Choose any combination of d and h that is not in the shaded area. Read the corresponding treating temperature.

Example solutions are:


An economical solution would be a 60-inch-diameter treater with a 100-inch-high coalescing section and a 0.16-MMBtu/h firetube capacity. In actual service, crude may not require heating at all. The firetube capacity will allow a treating temperature of 100°F if required by field conditions.

Vertical treater example.

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