Pressure Vessels – Estimating Vessel Weights

It is important to be able to estimate vessel weights, since most cost estimating procedures start with the weight of the vessel. The vessel weight, both empty and full with water, may be necessary to adequately design a foundation or to assure that the vessel can be lifted or erected once it gets to the construction site.

The weight of a vessel is made up of the weight of the shell, the weight of the heads, and the weight of internals, nozzles, pedestals, and skirts. The last two terms are defined in Figure 12-3.

Vessel support devices.


The weight of nozzles and internals can be estimated at 5 to 10% of the sum of the shell and head weights. The weight of a skirt can be estimated as the same weight per foot as the shell with a length given by Equation 12-8 for an ellipsoidal head and Equation 12-9 for a conical head.


The weight of pedestals for a horizontal vessel can be estimated as 10% of the total weight of the vessel.

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