Benzene Process by Lummus Technology

To produce high-purity benzene and heavier aromatics from toluene and heavier aromatics using the Detol process. The process has also been applied to pyrolysis gasoline (Pyrotol) and light cokeoven cases (Litol).

Benzene Process by Lummus Technology

Feed and hydrogen are heated and passed over the catalyst (1). Benzene and unconverted toluene and/or xylene and heavier aromatics are condensed (2) and stabilized (3). To meet acid wash color specifications, stabilizer bottoms are passed through a fixed-bed clay treater, then distilled (4) to produce the desired specification benzene. The cryogenic purification of recycle hydrogen to reduce the make-up hydrogen requirement is optional (6).
Unconverted toluene and/or xylenes and heavier aromatics are recycled.

Yields: Aromatic yield is 99.0 mol% of fresh toluene or heavier aromatic charge. Typical yields for production of benzene and xylenes are:

Licensor: Lummus Technology

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