Ethanolamines Process by Davy Process Technology

To produce mono-(MEA), di-(DEA) and triethanolamines (TEA) from ethylene oxide and ammonia.

Ethanolamines Process by Davy Process Technology

Ammonia solution, recycled amines and ethylene oxide are fed continuously to a reaction system (1) that operates under mild conditions and simultaneously produces MEA, DEA and TEA. Product ratios can be varied to maximize MEA, DEA or TEA production. The correct selection of the NH3 / EO ratio and recycling of amines produces the desired product mix. The reactor products are sent to a separation system where ammonia (2) and water are separated and recycled to the reaction system. Vacuum distillation (4,5,6,7) is used to produce pure MEA, DEA and TEA. A saleable heavies tar byproduct is also produced. Technical grade TEA (85 wt%) can also be produced if required.

Yields: Greater than 98% on raw materials.

Licensor: Davy Process Technology, UK

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