Mixed Xylenes Process by ExxonMobil

To convert C9+ heavy aromatics, alone or in conjunction with toluene or benzene co-feed, primarily to mixed xylenes using ExxonMobil Chemical’s TransPlus process.

Mixed Xylenes Process by ExxonMobil

Fresh feed, ranging from 100% C9+ aromatics to mixtures of C9+ aromatics with either toluene or benzene, are converted primarily to xylenes in the TransPlus process. Co-boiling C11 aromatics components, up to 435°F NBP, can be included in the C9+ feed. In this process, liquid feed along with hydrogen-rich recycle gas, are sent to the reactor (2) after being heated to reaction temperature through feed/effluent heat exchangers (3) and the charge heater (1).
Primary reactions occurring are the dealkylation of alkylaromatics, transalkylation and disproportionation, producing benzene/toluene and C8 aromatics. The thermodynamic equilibrium of the resulting product aromatics is mainly dependent on the ratio of methyl groups to aromatic rings in the reactor feed. Hydrogen-rich gas from the high-pressure separator (5) is recycled back to the reactor with makeup hydrogen (6). Unconverted toluene and C9
+ aromatics are recycled to extinction. The ability of TransPlus to process feeds rich in C9+ aromatics enhances
the product slate toward xylenes. Owing to its unique catalyst, long cycle lengths are possible.

Licensor: ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing LLC, (retrofit applications) Axens (grassroots applications)

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