Mixed Xylenes Process by UOP LLC

The Tatoray process produces mixed xylenes and petrochemical grade benzene by disproportionation of toluene and transalklyation of toluene and C9+ aromatics.

Mixed Xylenes Process by UOP LLC

The Tatoray process consists of a fixed-bed reactor and product separation section. The fresh feed is combined with hydrogenrich recycle gas, preheated in a combined feed exchanger (1) and heated in a fired heater (2). The hot feed vapor goes to the reactor (3). The reactor effluent is cooled in a combined feed exchanger and sent to a product separator (4).

Hydrogen-rich gas is taken off the top of the separator, mixed with makeup hydrogen gas and recycled back to the reactor. Liquid from the bottom of the separator is sent to a stripper column (5). The stripper overhead gas is exported to the fuel gas system. The overhead liquid may be sent to a debutanizer column. The products from the bottom of the stripper are recycled back to the BT fractionation section of the aromatics complex.

With modern catalysts, the Tatoray process unit is capable of processing feedstocks ranging from 100 wt% toluene to 100 wt% A 9+. The optimal concentration of A 9 + in the feed is typically 40 – 60 wt%. The Tatoray process provides an ideal way to produce additional mixed xylenes from toluene and heavy aromatics.

Licensor: UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company

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