Normal Paraffins Process by UOP LLC

The Molex process recovers normal C10 – C13 paraffins from kerosine using UOP’s innovative Sorbex adsorptive separation technology.

Normal Paraffins Process by UOP LLC

Straight-run kerosine is fed to a stripper (1) and a rerun column (2) to remove light and heavy materials. The remaining heart-cut kerosine is heated in a charge heater (3) and then treated in a Unionfining reactor (4) to remove impurities. The reactor effluent is sent to a product separator (5) to separate gas for recycle, and then the liquid is sent to a product stripper (6) to remove light ends. The bottoms stream from the product stripper is sent to a Molex unit (7) to recover normal paraffins.

Feedstock is typically straight-run kerosine with 18 – 50% normal paraffin content. Product purity is typically greater than 99 wt%.

Licensor: UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company

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