Olefins – Butenes Extractive Distillation Process by Uhde GmbH

Separation of pure C4 olefins from olefinic/paraffinic C4 mixtures via extractive distillation using a selective solvent. BUTENEX is the Uhde technology to separate light olefins from various C4 feedstocks, which include ethylene cracker and FCC sources.

Olefins - Butenes Extractive Distillation Process by Uhde GmbH

In the extractive distillation (ED) process, a single-compound solvent, N-Formylmorpholine (NFM), or NFM in a mixture with further morpholine derivatives, alters the vapor pressure of the components being separated. The vapor pressure of the olefins is lowered more than that of the less soluble paraffins. Paraffinic vapors leave the top of the ED column, and solvent with olefins leaves the bottom of the ED column.

The bottom product of the ED column is fed to the stripper to separate pure olefins (mixtures) from the solvent. After intensive heat exchange, the lean solvent is recycled to the ED column. The solvent, which can be either NFM or a mixture including NFM, perfectly satisfies the solvent properties needed for this process, including high selectivity, thermal stability and a suitable boiling point.

Licensor: Uhde GmbH

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