Paraxylene Process by Axens

Suite of advanced aromatics technologies combined in the most effective manner to meet customers’ investment and production objectives for paraxylene (PX) and benzene and are licensed under the name ParamaX.

Paraxylene Process by Axens

Aromatics are produced from naphtha in the Aromizing section (1), and separated by conventional distillation. The xylene fraction is sent to the Eluxyl unit (2), which produces 99.9% PX via simulated countercurrent adsorption. The PX-depleted raffinate is isomerized back to equilibrium in the isomerization section (3) with either ethylbenzene (EB) dealkylation-type (XyMax) processes or EB isomerization-type (Oparis) catalysts. High-purity benzene and toluene are separated from non-aromatic compounds with extractive distillation (Morphylane**) processes (4). Toluene and C9 to C11 aromatics are converted to higher valued benzene and mixed xylenes in the TransPlus* process (5), leading to incremental PX production.

Eluxyl technology has the industrially proven ability to meet ultimate single-train PX purity and capacities as high as 840,000 metric tpy. Proprietary hybrid Eluxyl configurations integrate an intermediate purity adsorption section with single-stage crystallization, ideal for retrofits. Axens is the licensor of all the technologies involved in the ParamaX suite.

Licensor: Axens

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