Paraxylene UOP Isomar and Parex processes by UOP LLC

To produce a desired xylene isomer (or isomers) from a mixture of C8 aromatics using the UOP Isomar and Parex processes.

Paraxylene UOP Isomar and Parex processes by UOP LLCParaxylene UOP Isomar and Parex processes by UOP LLC

Fresh feed containing an equilibrium mixture of C8 aromatic isomers is fed to a xylene splitter (1). Bottoms from the splitter are then separated (2) into an overhead product of o-xylene and a byproduct of C9+ aromatics. Overhead from the splitter is sent to a UOP Parex process unit (3) to recover ultra-high-purity p-xylene. If desired, high-purity m-xylene may also be recovered using the MX Sorbex process. Remaining components are recycled to the UOP Isomar process unit reactor (4) where they are catalytically converted back toward an equilibrium mixture of C8 aromatic isomers. Hydrogen-rich recycle gas is separated (5) from the reactor effluent before fractionation (6) to remove light-cracked byproducts overhead. The remaining C8 aromatics are then combined with the fresh feed and sent to the xylene splitter (1).

The feedstock consists of a mixture of C8 aromatics typically derived from catalytically reformed naphtha, hydrotreated pyrolysis gasoline or an LPG aromatization unit. The feed may contain up to 40% ethylbenzene, which is converted either to xylenes or benzene by the Isomar reactor at a high-conversion rate per pass. Feedstocks may be pure solvent extracts or fractional heartcuts containing up to 25% nonaromatics. Hydrogen may be supplied from a catalytic reforming unit or any suitable source. Chemical hydrogen consumption is minimal. o-Xylene product purity of up to 99% is possible, depending on the composition of the feed and fractionation efficiency. The Parex unit is capable of producing 99.9% pure p-xylene with per pass recovery greater than 97%.

Operating conditions: Moderate temperature and pressure requirements permit using carbon and low-alloy steel and conventional process equipment.

Licensor: UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company

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