Polyethylene Process by NOVA Chemicals

The SCLAIRTECH1 technology process produces the full range of linear polyethylene (PE) products, including linear-low-density, medium-density and high-density grades with narrow to broad molecular weight distribution. It is the most efficient PE swing process that allows for economical production across the full spectrum of PE grades from a single train.

Polyethylene Process by NOVA Chemicals

Ethylene and comonomer are dissolved in solvent then fed into a reactor. Butene-1, octene-1 or both together can be used as comonomer. The reactor system operates in a solution phase, and, due to inherent low residence time (less than 2 minutes), it offers a tremendous flexibility for grade transitions and significant versatility for meeting product needs of a diverse market.

High conversions maximize production and eliminate any potential for runaway reactions. A hydrocarbon solvent is used to keep the contents of the reactor in solution and also aids in heat removal. The solvent is flashed and recovered, along with the energy captured from the heat of reaction, and circulated back to the reactor. Molten polymer is sent to a simple extruder and pelletizer assembly.

SCLAIRTECH process can produce PE products with density range of 0.905 – 0.965 kg/m3, melt index (MI) from 0.2 to in excess of 150, and narrow to broad molecular weight distribution (MWD). This allows producers to participate in the majority of the polyethylene market segments including among low-, medium- and high-density films, rotational, injection and blow molding applications.

Products made with this technology offer exceptional quality as measured by low gel, superior opticals and lot-to-lot consistency, along with high performance characteristics for demanding applications.

This technology offers advantaged economics for producers desirous of participating in a broad range of market segments and/or niche applications, due to its ability to transition quickly and cover a large product envelope on a single line. An ability to incorporate comonomers such as octene-1 allows producers to participate in premium markets resulting in higher business returns.

Licensor: NOVA Chemicals (International) S.A.

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