Polypropylene Process by Japan Polypropylene Corp

A process to produce homopolymer polypropylene and ethylene-propylene random and impact co-polymers Japan Polypropylene Corp. (JPP) HORIZONE Technology (formerly known as Chisso Gas-Phase Technology) utilizing horizontal plug-flow reactor.

Polypropylene Process by Japan Polypropylene Corp

The process features a horizontal agitated reactor and a high-performance catalyst specifically developed by the licensor. The catalyst has a controlled morphology, very high activity and very high selectivity. The process provides low energy consumption, superior ethylene-propylene impact co-polymer properties; minimum transition
products, high polymer throughput and a high operating factor. Each process step has been simplified; consequently, the technology offers a low initial capital investment and reduced manufacturing costs while providing product uniformity, excellent quality control and wide range of polymer design, especially for comonomer products.

Particles of polypropylene are continuously formed at low pressure in the reactor (1) in the presence of catalyst. Evaporated monomer is partially condensed and recycled. The liquid monomer with fresh propylene is sprayed onto the stirred powder bed to provide evaporative cooling. The powder is passed through a gas-lock system (2) to a second reactor (3). This acts in a similar manner to the first, except that ethylene as well as propylene is fed to the system for impact copolymer production. The horizontal reactor makes the powder residence time distribution approach that of plug-flow. The narrowness of residence time distribution contributes to higher product quality.

The powder is released periodically to a gas-powder separation system (4). It is depressurized to a purge column (5) where moist nitrogen deactivates the catalyst and removes any remaining monomer. The monomer is concentrated and recovered. The powder is converted into a variety of pelletized resins (6) tailored for specific market applications.

Licensor: Japan Polypropylene Corp. (JPP)

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