Catalytic Dewaxing Process by ExxonMobil

Application: Use ExxonMobil’s Research & Engineering’s (EMRE’s) Selective Catalytic Dewaxing (MSDW) process to make high VI lube base stock.

Products: High VI / low-aromatics lube base oils (light neutral through bright stocks). Byproducts include fuel gas, naphtha and low-pour diesel.

Description: ExxonMobil’s Research & Engineering’s (EMRE’s) MSDW is targeted for hydrocracked or severely hydrotreated stocks. The improved selectivity of MSDW for the highly isoparaffinic-lube components results in higher lube yields and VIs. The process uses multiple catalyst systems with multiple reactors. Internals are proprietary (the Spider Vortex Quench Zone technology is used). Feed and recycle gases are preheated and contact the catalyst in a down-flow-fixed-bed reactor.

Reactor effluent is cooled, and the remaining aromatics are saturated in a post-treat reactor. The process can be integrated into a lube hydrocracker or lube hydrotreater. Post-fractionation is targeted for client needs.

Operating conditions:
Temperatures, ° F 550 – 800
Hydrogen partial pressures, psig 500 – 2,500
LHSV 0.4 – 3.0
Conversion depends on feed wax content
Pour point reduction as needed.

Licensor: ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.