Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process by KBR and ExxonMobil

Conversion of gas oils and residues to light olefins, highoctane gasoline, and distillates using the compact, self supporting Orthoflow converter.

Feed enters through the proprietary ATOMAX-2 feed injection system. Reaction vapors pass through a right angle turn and are quickly separated from the catalyst in a positive pressure closed-cyclone system. Closed cyclones minimize dry-gas make and increase gasoline yield. Spent catalyst flows through a stripper equipped with Dynaflux baffles to the regenerator where countercurrent flow of catalyst and air contacting is carried out.

Catalyst flow from the regenerator to the external vertical riser is controlled by riser outlet temperature, which regulates the regenerated catalyst slide valve. A plug valve located in the regenerator bottom head controls the level in the stripper by regulating the catalyst flow from the spent catalyst standpipe.

Either partial or complete CO combustion may be used in the regenerator. Flue gas flows to an external plenum and then to the flue-gas system. A Cyclofines Third Stage Separator may be used to remove particulates from the flue gas for protection of a power recovery expander and/or compliance with particulate emissions standards.

Licensors: KBR and ExxonMobil

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