Gasification PSG Process by Uhde GmbH

Application: The PRENFLO (PRessurized ENtrained-FLOw) process can be used to gasify all types of solid feedstocks (petcoke, solid refinery residues, coal and biomass).

Description: First, the feed dust is prepared in the feed preparation unit. Approximately 80% of the dust is smaller than 0.1 mm and has a water content of approximately 1wt%-2 wt% in the case of hard coals, and approximately 8wt%-10 wt% for lignite.

This feed dust is then gasified in the PRENFLO gasifier using oxygen and steam as gasification agents. The gasification temperature is higher than the ash-melting temperature, which allows the feedstock containing ash to be removed as slag. The cooled-type gasifier is equipped with multiple, horizontally arranged burners.

In the PRENFLO process with steam generation (PSG), the raw gas produced, which contains mainly carbon monoxide and hydrogen, is cooled in the waste-heat boiler and generates steam. The gas is dedusted in a candle filter and further treated in a scrubber unit.

Licensor: Uhde GmbH.