H2S Removal Sulfur-Rite Process by Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services

Applications: Sulfur-Rite is a solid-bed scavenger for removal of H2S from aerobic and anaerobic gas streams. Suitable applications are generally sulfur loads below 200 lb/d sulfur, and/or remote refinery locations. Sulfur vents, loading and unloading facilities, or backup insurance for other refinery sulfur-removal systems are examples.

The spent media is nonpyrophoric, and is suitable for disposition in nonhazardous landfills.

Description: Single-bed (shown) or dual “lead-lag” configurations are possible. Sour gas is saturated prior to entering media bed. Gas enters vessel top, flows over media where H2S is removed and reacted. Sweet gas exits the bottom of vessel. In the single-vessel configuration, when the H2S level exceeds the level allowed, the vessel must be bypassed, media removed through the lower manway, fresh media installed and vessel returned to service.

For continuous operation, a dual “lead-lag” configuration is desirable. The two vessels operate in series, with one vessel in the lead position, the other in the lag position. When the H2S level at the outlet of the lead vessel equals the inlet H2S level (the media is completely spent), the gas flow is changed and the vessels reverse rolls, so that the “lag” vessel becomes the “lead” vessel. The vessel with the spent media is bypassed. The media is replaced, and the vessel with fresh media is returned to service in the “lag” position.

Operating conditions: Gas streams up to 400°F can be treated. Gas streams should be at least 50% water saturated.

Licensor: Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC, Gas Technology Products Division.