Hydrocracking Process by Axens

Application: Upgrade vacuum gas oil alone or blended with various feedstocks (light-cycle oil, deasphalted oil, visbreaker or coker gasoil).

Products: Jet fuel, diesel, very-low-sulfur fuel oil, extra-quality FCC feed with limited or no FCC gasoline post-treatment or high VI lube base stocks.

Description: This process uses a refining catalyst usually followed by an amorphous and/or zeolite-type hydrocracking catalyst. Main features of this process are:
• High tolerance toward feedstock nitrogen
• High selectivity toward middle distillates
• High activity of the zeolite, allowing for 3–4 year cycle lengths and products with low aromatics content until end of cycle.

Three different process arrangements are available: single-step/once-through; single-step/total conversion with liquid recycle; and twostep hydrocracking. The process consists of: reaction section (1, 2), gas separator (3), stripper (4) and product fractionator (5).

Licensor: Axens