Hydrocracking Process by UOP

Application: Convert a wide variety of feedstocks into lower-molecular weight products using the UOP Unicracking process.

Feed: Feedstocks include atmospheric gasoil, vacuum gasoil, FCC/RCC cycle oil, coker gasoil, deasphalted oil and naphtha for production of LPG.

Products: Processing objectives include production of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, lube stocks, ethylene-plant feedstock, high-quality FCC feedstock nd LPG.

Description: Feed and hydrogen are contacted with catalysts, which induce desulfurization, denitrogenation and hydrocracking. Catalysts are based upon both amorphous and molecular-sieve containing supports. Process objectives and feedstock properties determine catalyst selection and process flow scheme for a specific unit. Product from the reactor section is condensed, separated from hydrogen-rich gas and fractionated into desired products. Unconverted oil is recycled or used as lube stock, FCC feedstock or ethylene-plant feedstock.

Licensor: UOP.