Hydrofinishing/hydrotreating Process by Uhde

Application: Process to produce finished lube-base oils and special oils. Feeds: Dewaxed solvent or hydrogen-refined lube stocks or raw vacuum distillates for lubricating oils ranging from spindle oil to machine oil and bright stock.

Products: Finished lube oils (base grades or intermediate lube oils) and special oils with specified color, thermal and oxidation stability.

Description: Feedstock is fed together with make-up and recycle hydrogen over a fixed-bed catalyst at moderate temperature and pressure.

The treated oil is separated from unreacted hydrogen, which is recycled. Very high yields product are obtained.

For lube-oil hydrofinishing, the catalytic hydrogenation process is operated at medium hydrogen pressure, moderate temperature and low hydrogen consumption. The catalyst is easily regenerated with steam and air.

Operating pressures for hydrogen-finishing processes range from 25 to 80 bar. The higher-pressure range enables greater flexibility with regard to base-stock source and product qualities. Oil color and thermal stability depend on treating severity. Hydrogen consumption depends on the feed stock and desired product quality.

Licensor: Uhde GmbH.