Wet Scrubbing System EDV Process by Belco

Application: EDV Technology is a low pressure drop scrubbing system, to scrub particulate matter (including PM2.5), SO2 and SO3 from flue gases. It is especially well suited where the application requires high reliability, flexibility and the ability to operate for 4 – 7 years continuously without maintenance shutdowns. The EDV technology is highly suited for FCCU regenerator flue-gas applications.

Products: The effluents from the process will vary based on the reagent selected for use with the scrubber. In the case where a sodiumbased reagent is used, the product will be a solution of sodium salts. Similarly, a magnesium-based reagent will result in magnesium salts. A lime/limestone-based system will produce a gypsum waste. The EDV technology can also be used with the LABSORB buffer thus making the system regenerative. The product, in that case, would be a usable condensed SO 2 stream.

Description: The flue gas enters the spray tower through the quench section where it is immediately quenched to saturation temperature. It proceeds to the absorber section for particulate and SO2 reduction. The spray tower is an open tower with multiple levels of BELCO-GNozzles. These nonplugging and abrasion-resistant nozzles remove particulates by impacting on the water/reagent curtains. At the same time, these curtains also reduce SO 2 and SO 3 emissions. The BELCOG-Nozzles are designed not to produce mist; thus a conventional mist eliminator is not required.

Upon leaving the absorber section, the saturated gases are directed to the EDV filtering modules to remove the fine particulates and additional SO3. The filtering module is designed to cause condensation of the saturated gas onto the fine particles and onto the acid mist, thus allowing it to be collected by the BELCO-F-Nozzle located at the top.

To ensure droplet-free stack, the flue gas enters a droplet separator. This is an open design that contains fixed-spin vanes that induce a cyclonic flow of the gas. As the gases spiral down the droplet separator, the centrifugal forces drive any free droplets to the wall, separating them from the gas stream.

Economics: The EDV wet scrubbing system has been extremely successful in the incineration and refining industries due to the very high scrubbing capabilities, very reliable operation and reasonable price.

Licensor: Belco Technologies Corp.