CRG Processes (pre-reforming, derichment, methanation) by Davy Process Technology

Adiabatic steam reforming of hydrocarbon from natural gas through LPG to naphtha feeds. May be used for the derichment of natural gas (LNG plants), as an adiabatic pre-reformer or in the methanation of H2/CO-rich streams in SNG manufacture.

CRG Processes (pre-reforming, derichment, methanation) by Davy Process Technology

Fixed bed of nickel-based catalyst converts hydrocarbon feeds in the presence of steam to a product stream containing only methane together with H2, CO, CO2 and unreacted steam. This stream may be exported as product, used as feed for further processing in a conventional fired reformer or as feed to additional CRG processing steps when the methane content of the product can be further enhanced.

Using a CRG pre-reformer enables capital cost savings in primary reformer as a result of reduction in radiant box heat load and allows high-activity gas reforming catalyst to be used. The ability to increase preheat temperatures and transfer radiant duty to the convection section of the primary reformer can minimize involuntary steam production.

Operating conditions: CRG processes operate over a wide range of temperatures from 250°C to 650°C, and at pressures up to 75 bara.

Licensor: The CRG Process and catalyst are licensed by Davy Process Technology. The CRG Process is available through a number of process licensees worldwide, and the catalyst is manufactured and supplied under license by Johnson Matthey Catalysts.

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