Ifpexol Process by IFP Group Technologies

Treat any gas for dehydration, hydrate protection, dew-point control and acid-gas removal, using a single, low-freezing point solvent—methanol. Ifpexol is a two-step process; each step can be used independently or in combination:
• Ifpex-1—simultaneous water and hydrocarbon dew pointing (down to –100°C)
• Ifpex-2—removal of acid gases and sulfur compounds (to sales gas specifications).

Ifpexol Process by IFP Group Technologies

Ifpex-1: A partial stream from the feed gas is loaded with methanol by stripping in a contactor (1). The methanol/water mixture is recycled from the cold process (2). Pure water is obtained from the bottom of the contactor (1). Overhead gas is mixed with the main gas stream and contains enough methanol to prevent freezing during the cold process (2). During this process, the gas is cooled to the required dew-point temperature by any appropriate means
(J-T expansion, turbo expander or external refrigeration). The treated dry gas is recovered from the lowtemperature
separator along with condensed hydrocarbons and the methanol/water mixture. This methanol/water mixture is recovered as a separate liquid phase and recycled to the contactor (1).

Ifpex-2: The gas from Ifpex-1 (or any other feed gas) is contacted with refrigerated methanol-based solvent in the contactor (3). Acid gases (CO2, H2S) are absorbed, along with other sulfur compounds (mercaptans, COS), and a dry sweet gas is obtained on top of the contactor (3). The solvent loaded with acid gases is regenerated by a simple flash and, in some cases, by thermal regeneration. Hydrocarbon coabsorption is controlled by the solvent composition and a multi-flash regeneration recovers most of the co-absorbed hydrocarbons in a separate gas stream. Acid gases are recovered dry and under pressure (typically around 10 bar); thus, this process is particularly suitable for acid-gas reinjection applications.

Economics: For dew points below –30°C, Ifpex-1 can compete with glycol processes and offers much reduced (about 30% lower) CAPEX. Ifpex-2 offers significant savings compared to other processes for bulk acid-gas removal with acid-gas reinjection.

Licensors: Prosernat IFP Group Technologies and Titan SNC Lavalin

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